About us

The paintings and drawings featured on these shopper bags were done by Paris Subraya, between the ages of 8 and twelve years old. At the age of 10, Paris was offered a scholarship by Political Cartoonist and Internationally Acclaimed artist, Dr Nanda Soobben to attend college at CFAD, The Centre of Fine Art, Animation and Design. Here she continues to produce brilliant works of art amongst her 18 and 21 year old college peers.

Her parents, Yugen Subraya and Sheraine Reddy are attempting to start this business for her so that she may become a financially independant  autistic adult someday. We appreciate your support in making this happen!

The bags we’re selling are created using off cuts of fabric used in the manufacture of portable branding products. They’re made in a community supported project. Not wanting to place a heavier load on the environment, these bags are able to bring new life to waste products which help reduce our Carbon footprint.